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Beeleigh Lock, Maldon CM9 4DE

51.746554561727734, 0.6628995517386731

Press the above play button to listen to the sounds of the Beeleigh Lock area.


                                            Let them play in the background whilst you explore this page.

Play with the 3D scans captured there by Paul, Ola, Tilly and Lucy.


                           Spin them around,


           Zoom in on them





                               Expand them to full screen!

Dive into underwater video footage

                              Creep along the riverbank



                     Get tangled in the reeds


            And discover what lies beneath the rivers surface

Take a virtual walk along the rivers path

                              Using your computer arrow keys to walk

           Your mouse to look around

                       And your space bar to jump

                                            Step into this digital rendering of the Beeleigh Lock area

   Use Chrome or Firefox on a desktop or laptop to access (no Safari or mobile)

                                      Click into the window to hide your mouse cursor and be fully immersed

        When you wish to leave press your ESC key to rediscover your mouse cursor and navigate away

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